In this page, you can find open calls for proposals under three headings: TÜBİTAK, EU Framework Programme 7 (FP7) and Other.

Under the TÜBİTAK Calls , you can find the funding opportunities of TÜBİTAK for Academic Research and Development Activities (ARDEB) and Bilateral Cooperation calls.

Under FP7 , there are four funding schemes. These are the specific programmes called: People, Ideas, Capacities and Cooperation.

  • People Specific Programme supports for mobility and career development of researchers.
  • Ideas Specific Programme promotes the frontier research without restriction in terms of thematic areas.
  • Capacities Specific Programme is especially developed for convergence regions to enhance the research and innovation capacities.
  • Cooperation Specific Programme is the main tool for integrating the European Research Area by promoting collaboration between research centers, universities and industry from different countries in key technology areas.

EURATOM and Joint Research Centers are other tools for research funding opportunities provided directly by the European Commission under FP7.

  • EURATOM is a funding opportunity of Atomic Energy Community to contribute to the further consolidation of the European Research Area in the nuclear energy sector by promoting civil nuclear research and training activities.
  • Joint Research Centers is a reference centre for science and technology issues by providing required infrastructure for researchers in non-nuclear research activities.

Under Other calls, you can find open calls for proposals of several national and international funding opportunities.